Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

The year 2009 wasn't the worst of years, not the greatest either but I can't say I'm not sorry to see it go. For this blog, this karmic culinary adventure, it was also a bumpy ride. So I'm here to toast to the bright and shiny new year. But what to toast with? While I may cook with alcoholic products I don't drink them at all. I found a fun book at the library that opened up my cocktail possibilities past the Shirley Temples and the Virgin Marys.Tons of choices from a Key Lime Mojito to a Ginger Beer Shandy to a Bittersweet Chocolatini. If you're someone who likes going alcohol free this is a book you would enjoy.
For this fine New Year I chose the Shampagne Cocktail. Blood orange bitters, a sugar cube and sparkling white grape juice. It bubbles like champagne but still leaves you free to fulfill your designated driver duties for the night.
So here's a Toast To You, my bloggy friends and readers. May your year be healthy and adventurous. May the waiter always get your order right and may you never burn your bacon. May we all tuck into 2010 with Gusto and Passion.


Aunty Belle said...

how cool is this?

I'se wif' ya on the alcohol front--well, I does TRY to drink onc't in awhile, but the stuff jes' lifts mah haid clean off.

Akshully, wine that is bottled and meant fer drinkin' locally in some forgotten European hamlet is ok--somehow it doan lay me out on mah deathbed. An on occasion I does have a brandy Alexander, more fer the creme de cocao than the brandy...ANYhoo, this Shampagne looks fun an' delicious.

Wishin' ya the BEST year ever in 2010!

Big Shamu said...

You too Aunty, here's to more deep dark chocolate desserts for the year 2010.

Making Space said...

Dibs on that sugar cube, and good wishes for the new year and new bacon to you too!

Boxer said...

I heart you Shamy. You are a good and loyal friend.

and a fabulous designated driver.


Big Shamu said...

Saving a sugar cube just for you MS.

I heart you too Boxer. Do they have big black rats in Georgia?

LaDivaCucina said...

Thanks Mizz Shamy! I like your mocktails, a bit of fizzy grape juice can be very festive! Happy New Years to you! (haha, good one Aunty: SHAMpagne!)

And I, for one, am SO HAPPY to kiss suckass 2009 goodbye! I am not going to hope for a better year in 2010 but do my damn best to create a better year!

DJ Nevah L8 and I worked last night. He spun at a local restaurant and I bartended/waited for a private party for 10 on the 30th floor of a swanky Sobe apt. FABULOUS views! It was a seven course meal with wine pairings. Yay! I always like to make money over spending it on NYE. (cha-ching!)

As for Gusto and Passion, I left Gusto (the Italian poolboy) and Passion (the drag queen) at Max's Club Deuce at about 5 am! They were getting waaay too messy. xo

Big Shamu said...

Did you leave enough of Passion and Gusto for the rest of us?

Making Space said...

Thanks Shamy!

Diva! ROFL! Tell Gusto and Passion to clean up their mess and start flitting around the world spreading good cheer and fabulousness. hahahaha

Dani said...

Happy New Year Shamy & Friends!

Buzz Kill said...

Shampaigne. Bwahaha

I drank a non-alchoholic champagne for New Years called Fre which wasn't too bad. A woman at the party was drinking regular champagne with whole blueberries which looked a little strange but she seemed to like it. Your drinks look great and again with the great pictures.

Happy NY!

moi said...

The older I get, the less I drink. That could be a problem. Happy, happy New Year to you, my dear blob homie, and here's to a tasty 2010 and the perpetuation of the Bacon Nation.