Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Impressions? WOW

From the moment he started describing her as scattered I knew she was gone.
Again, someone...anyone will have to explain to me how the Tom Colicchio judging system works, because kids, it's a mystery to me. How a duck dish that seemly glowed with judging praise suddenly went to being scattered. How from the moment she told him that fire coals story and how she used good judgment to save the dish instead of grilling it and ended up with under cooked duck, suddenly made the dish worse than what it actually tasted? Tell me how that's worse than attempting to make a tricky egg dish, under cooking the egg (raw eggs being so appealing to the general populace) and having the undercooked egg overwhelm the rest of the components of the dish? What's that you say?Oh yes, you're absolutely right, I did forget. Stunt Casting. Congratulations Tom, you've totally earned your latest title and the reputation that goes with it.


frogponder said...

Out of town so I read the blog before I watched it. Was able to pay close attention. Yup, from the judge's table it did not look like Jen at all. And haven't we all heard about being flexible, no excuses and being able to rescue a dish.

Buzz Kill said...

Totally agree, I thought asshat was going home and should have. Colicchio said, "It may not make sense to you but it was clear to us immediately that it would be Jen who would be going home. What it came down to was that both of her dishes were way too salty."

I got that one of her dishes was a little salty, but not both and she didn't have raw egg or bitter soup. And if she had just said I thought that confit-ing the duck over grilling was the way to go; that might have saved her. I think poisoning someone by one of the other chefs was the only way Jen wasn't going home - and then maybe.

Interestingly, they gave Bryan the win saying (among other things) that his dish was perfectly seasoned. During the tasting though, the judges said both of his dishes lacked salt and pepper. I think they were just looking for an excuse not to give Kevin another win.

I liked the challenge though and think the cheftestants brought some great dishes. It was intersting to watch but the judging got in the way - again.

Is it a coincidence that they all seemed to have seasoning/salt problems and Diva's Throwdown Challenge next week is - SALT?

Big Shamu said...

We may have heard about it FP but that only matters when it doesn't get in the way of what Tom wants and Tom wanted a sibling rivalry finale.

Buzz, my answer to Tom is nothing he does makes much sense. They might as well rename the show The Tom Colicchio Hour. It's funny how what we see and hear from the judges on our tv screen is seemingly over and over whitewashed by Tom and his blog. I thought Jen was safe after their comments at the event. I thought she was still safe after the first round of comments at Judge's Table. The absolute second Tom said scattered, I started grinding my teeth.

Mrs. T said...

Maybe if they don't want to make the show look rigged, they should edit it better so a contestant doesn't go from appearing to have one of the better dishes to being sent home. I was cussing at the tv when Padma said Jen's name. Going off of all of the comments, from the original tastings onward, I thought this was the order:


Honestly, that's what I thought. I was confused when Bryan won and Kevin didn't. I was pissed when Jennifer was sent home. Like I said, it's simple, edit the show better so you don't come under this scrutiny, Tom. Ahhh, but therein lies the problem! This wasn't a cooking decision, this was a "political" decision. I'm sure they couldn't edit it any differently! Total BS!!

TROLL Y2K said...

Was it you who posted a "Who Should Replace Tom-Tom Collichio?" Poll? If so, who won?

A brilliant Chef once told a young troll " Always consider HOW guests are likely to choose to eat your dish and never tell them HOW to eat it ".

Methinks most people would eat Michael's dish exactly like Gail and Padma did. And they'd be left with broth that was unpleasantly bitter on it's own.

So, I think that part of his dish could be called a failure too.

Big Shamu said...

Mrs. T, I agree with most of what you said with the exception of the editing. That won't change because that's what gets us talking. They live for that Buzz.

Big Shamu said...

Troll, it wasn't an official poll but just asking the question. It seems that Tom only cares about what he thought the best cooking method should have been and if the salt level agrees with Tom's tongue. The diner doesn't seem to play much into Tom's equation. I'm not saying Jen's dish wasn't too salty but I am saying that if I had to choose between eating a salty dish or an almost raw egg dish, I'm choosing salty. And that's after admitting I love soft boiled eggs.

Mrs. T said...

Yes Shamu, I agree with that. Obviously they have to keep it interesting. If it's boring and predictable, people won't watch. I just think there should be a way to keep us guessing without sending the wrong person home. Haha, that probably doesn't even makes sense. I'm sure they love that we're all mad about Jennifer being eliminated, which just irritates the heck out of me!

Big Shamu said...

Mrs. T, you don't like being a puppet on a string? Face it, we are so Bravo's bitches.

moi said...

I had to de-focus my eyes to come here. Couldn't watch last night, so TIVOed. Will be back.

Duffi McDermott said...

Thank you for continuing to point out Colicchio's faults. I was so pissed when Michael wasn't kicked off for an undercooked egg -- and, like you, I love softboiled eggs. Jen was wise in rethinking her dish and that got her thrown under the bus. Shameful. Now Asshat goes on to the finale and our Jen goes home. Very sad.

Boxer said...

catching up tonight. Will also be back.

Making Space said...

Calling a woman in the kitchen "scattered" seems a short hop skip and jump away from calling a woman in the kitchen to bring your lazy ass another beer and be quick about it. I could be cynical, I was a teen during the Reagan presidency. But dang. This makes me jest a wee bit suspicious that the Great Mr. C has a few twitches that go beyond a penchant for product pimpage. Bleah.

LaDivaCucina said...

I've noticed too during shows that the judges say one thing and then it goes out the window completely later during the judging. Wha?!!!

Padma looked like Veronica from the Archies with her hair up in the pony tail! Gail looked great!

moi said...

Bwahahahaha to Diva. And the boots, doll, did you see those boots and that hooker sweater dress with the cut outs? Puhleeze.

I also call bullshit. Mikey should have gone home for that yucky egg. End of story.