Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's All Over!

Can we stop with the speculation?
Another night at the Winner's table.
Can it be that we'll finally have our first female Top Chef?
The Big Shamu says YES!*

*Disclaimer - The Big Shamu has yet to pick a winner in the 3 previous seasons of Top Chef. As a matter of fact she's an expert at picking the Runner Up when she thinks she's picking the winner. Feel free to point that out to her the next time she gets mouthy.


egyptchick7 said...

Although she didn't win she was in the top 3 and I will proclaim she will remain in the Top 3 or maybe take the whole title.

By the way..I saw Gail, Tom and Ted at the Union Square book store last night signing the new cookbook...I told Gail I loved she told me she loved me back...haha...i was nervous in front of al of them...ted was such a sweet charmer and uhm tom was great too...really geniune ppl...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!

At this point, if she doesn't win, she will have been robbed.

The Troll said...

Why inflict Stephanie with the "Curse of the Shamu"?

The Big Shamu said...

Because I can. If that happens I will apologize in person. But I don't think I will need to. She's doing well on the goofy challenges, thinks quickly on the fly and works well with others. Unless she has some sort of freaky bad night a la Tre, she's my pick for Top Chef.

a-nony-mouse said...

I don't know if we can chalk
Dale up to the Shamu curse. He
did have this faux hawk hold on
many of us, the whole gay boyfriend

Anyway, I agree. I like Stephanie
for the win. She can cook and she
seems like a good egg.

Jen-nay said...

I actually think we'll see more than one woman in the final four, Stephanie, of course, and maybe Jennifer. Those beignets sounded yummy last night, as well as the chicken skewers (Lee Anne said they were one of her favorites in her Bravo blog). Lisa seems consistent, and the judges, in the past, have said they don't care about attitude or shenanigans in the kitchen, so her negativity shouldn't harm her with them. Just my two-cents.

The Big Shamu said...

I like Jen too but she can't seem to break through to the judges as much as Steph has been able to. Plus Steph seemed to add a dash of Harold last night with her "I'm just here to cook..." statement. A little dash of Harold never hurts.

Cyndi L said...

Love love love Stephanie. She's the woman!

Anonymous said...

She's been my favorite since her very first dish. Even Bordain gave it rave reviews.

Go Stephanie!!

P.S. She's cute as a button too!

EB said...

I'm totally cheering Stephanie on! Great chef with a nice personality who happens to be a chick?? Yes please! GO STEPHANIE!