Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pair Pimping

Oh boy, Product Pimpage Quickfire. My favorite kind of Quickfire....not. Never heard of Alexia Crunchy Snacks. Don't think I'll be pairing them up with anything in my fridge anytime soon.

Little bit of a twist in this episode. Seems that the Battling Brothers Voltaggio have both worked for guest judge Charlie Palmer.A little lingering resentment is always good for a relationship. Still Michael gives it his all for the Quickfire. The dishes don't appear to be too exciting. Robin, Ash and Jen end up in the bottom half of judging. Jen hopes that she has the judges at her station first which of course means they show up to her station last where they get to taste overcooked pork chops. Robin and Ash have no excuses but are well versed at the art of reacting to Quickfire Bottom Judgments.As for the winning dishes? Turns out Charlie does like Bryan better. Along with Kevin and Baby Eli. Who wins the Snackie Quickfire?Baby Eli. (I guess even a blind squirrel can find a nut) Sadly for Eli's parents no $15,000 gold chip for winning which means Eli will still be living at home.

Next up: All Pig All the Time.


Buzz Kill said...

I still think with the way they were talking about Kevin's dish in the quickfire that he had it won and they only gave it to Eli so Kevin doesn't have total dominance. But that's just me. And is it also me or does Charlie Palmer look like Cliff Claven from Cheers?

Big Shamu said...

Maybe but he also looks like every insurance salesman I've ever seen.

moi said...

There's the first coffee spew of the day. Thanks, Buzz.

Pee Ess: Is it just me, or does it look like being a Wine Angel totally rocks?

Big Shamu said...

I wonder how that works, being a wine angel? Are you also a waitress? Is there special training? How much does this add to the price of a bottle of wine? How long before we see them in Padma-like outfits?