Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top Chef Tattoo Tuesday

Inspirational symbol or Bullseye for whiny, immature baby chefs?


Dani said...

I usually find neck tattoos pretty hot, but I'm not feelin' the love for this one.

Big Shamu said...

Any clue what that is?

Dani said...

Tribal art is very popular in tat shops. I don't know what any of it means though.

MakingSpace said...

Is she whiny?

Big Shamu said...

No, she's not whiny. The chefs who would like her gone would like to figuratively stab her in the back.

She is, by her own admission, a bit of a chatterbox.

Buzz Kill said...

The tatto looks like some kind of peacock feather maybe? I'm more concerned with what she's doing with the scissors. Why is she cutting her own hair like that? Is Bravo that cheap they won't spring for a hair stylist? And it looks like she's about to loose a finger. GrrHahahaha

sparringK9 said...

this disturbs in so many ways. first, that tattoo. its too big. and white people are not "tribal" im sorry. tattoos look stupid on anyone who is not either

a. young
b. super physically fit

neither of which is she.

this is an unfortunate middle-aged-lady-in-paris hair color, and the bra straps?

*how dreadful* grrrrrrrhahahahaha

i liked it when she won a challenge because it bothered Eli. she does talk too much but i can think of other contestants i dislike more.

Big Shamu said...

Yes, they are too cheap for hair maintenance.

K9, I'm guessing you didn't enjoy the numerous tattoos on the very early unfit female chefs? Robin's doesn't bother me so much a pig on your foot.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hmmm....I must disagree with you on this K9, I think we are ALL tribal! These guys just happen to be in the chef tribe! And, I don't like tats on people with dark skin, you can't really see them so what's the point?! Scarification, however, is another matter.... But, I digress!

I think her tattoo looks like a Maori tattoo. The Maoris are a tribal people that have VERY COOL tats and is a huge part of their cultural heritage. It looks like the Maori symbol for good luck or a fish hook and you see the symbol as jewelry on many surfer types carved out of stone and strung on leather. It was very trendy a few years back... :)