Monday, April 13, 2009

Food motion!

We have been noticing an...interesting trend in food advertising, i.e. "The Racy Food Commercial", and would like to explore some of our favorites with you...let's begin, shall we?

We start with a celebrity well known to the Karmic Kitchen - Padma Lakshmi. We admire her for ability to jam large quantities of food into her mouth over and over again. There is no one on (or off) Top Chef that eats more food than Padma, as she demonstrates this Hardee's commercial. If only Padma would get married again. We might have "Real Housewives of New Delhi".

Paris Hilton. Washing a car. In a bathing suit. Doesn't do anything for me, but then again I'm not a pre-pubescent boy. At least she's not speaking.

I'm not sure what's funnier about this, a talking grill or a talking male grill saying to a male cook "Put it in me Scott". The best part? Trying to figure out exactly what poor Scott burned!

For all of you who find the Burger King King freaky as all get out, check out his singing and dancing the "Square Butt Rap". Why rap? Why Sponge Bob Square Pants? Why Burger King? I have no answers. Actually I'm afraid of the answers.

Last but not least, our absolute favorite. It defies commentary.


LaDivaCucina said...

Haha! I love the Wienershnitzel one, although I don't see them anymore now that I've moved from California.

The one with Paris: I feel sorry for that hamburger, who KNOWS where her mouth has been?

Sir Mix-a-Lot doin' "baby got back" with Spongebob Squareapants is a total enigma to me! The REAL q is: "Why butt?" Not to sound like a prude but how do "butts" and "kids" and "Squarepants" all go together? WHY?

And finally, what the hell is going on with Quiznos? They REALLY NEED TO FIRE THEIR MARKETING TEAM and start using a new ad agency. remember they had those stupid little rat/critter/beasts/things? They were very obnoxious! ( I never understand their marketing campaigns, they are so "out there" they just don't make any sense to me! Too weird to be funny.

All in all, some funny and some very strange!!!

Buzz Kill said...

Padma had very little credibility as a gourmand before this commercial. Wonder what she thought it would be after? I guess it really doesn't matter because I could watch that commercial all day long. I'm sorry, what was she shilling again?