Sunday, April 26, 2009

DimSum Sunday ~ Build a Better Burger

Java Junkie's Sunday Supper
My favorite burger is grilled to a perfect medium, and topped with muenster cheese, tomato, avocado, bacon and red onion...a little mayo on the bun and I'm good to go! The sides are potatoes roasted in olive oil, smoked paprika and red chile flakes, and a pepper and olive salad served in a grilled Portobello mushroom.

Mr. Junkie's Sunday Supper
Mr. Junkie builds his burger on a mid-rare foundation, with Texas sweet onion, tomato, lettuce and bread and butter pickles, and of course, bacon. Good old yellow mustard is his condiment of choice.

Shamu's Sunday Supper
I'm not much of a burger eater so this week's challenge was a real stumper for me. I decided the best way to make a better burger was to add bacon. I took my inspiration from the folks who brought us the Bacon Explosion but on a much smaller scale. I flattened out my hamburger and then sprinkled it with some Monterey Jack cheese and cooked bacon pieces. Then I rolled it into a tube. I then wrapped that baby in bacon. I passed on interweaving my bacon into the sort of bacon potholder the Bacon Explosion people like to use, it's just too much bacon for this purpose.
I carefully grilled my meat bomb on a well oiled grill and mostly indirect heat. The smell alone had the neighborhood dogs howling.I served it with some apple coleslaw. The bacon flavor envelopes the hamburger nicely. Next time I might go a little less hamburger and more cheese in the middle, maybe even some sweet gherkin pickles. Still a fun experiment in my quest to add bacon to just about anything.

Next weeks theme: Comfort food


Susan said...

Burgers are up on over at Black Street.
Missy D likes hers medium s'il vous plait.

Veronica said...

Hey I made a burger on Sunday but I didnt think about photographing it and now its all eaten. Caramelised onion, lentil and potato burger.

I cant find your email address here so, email me your postal address and I will send you out a handmade THING (who knows what it will be!)

LaDivaCucina said...

Looks great gals! The potato wedges look excellent! I think the bacon burger "dog" needs a bit of chili!!

I'll have to participate later in the week as I got all the ingredients for my burgers but had to cook something else yesterday as I had company and didn't want to make the burgers for them. I won't be able to make my burgers until Wed. night as we're going out tonight and tomorrow. See you then!

NYD said...

Just two words to Shamu: Mama Cass.

Only joking, of course. The burgers and the Bacon Bomb look pretty darn good.

Makes me wish I took a picture of the Pizzaiolle I made for dinner.

Big Shamu said...

I could only eat a third of it so no Mama Cass action here but you are SO right. It's a man meal for sure.

Aunty Belle said...

ohhh! groan...this is truly torture --worse than waterboardin' (heh)

Well, I kile JJ's version--iffin' I can git it med rare--but LOVE that no other condiment but mayo needed. YUM.

And Shamu?? Mercy, lady, that is inspired!! Doan know how ya avoided opening yore own hamdog stand.

Buzz Kill said...

Hi Ladies,

Well, as I suspected, the weekend was a total washout as far as cooking went. I went on a camping trip with the Pudge and his Cub Scout Pack. We had hamburgers, steak and sausage for dinner but it was nothing special and I didn't get any pictures. And it was damned hot in the woods. I'm still a little on the dehydrated side. We did catch some bass though and the Pudge has officially crossed over to Boy Scouts, so that should start a whole new culinary adventure in camp food.

Anyway, love the dishes, especially Shamu's gut buster. I may have to try that when the Mrs. isn't around because there's no way she let's me eat that. On the other hand, Java's meal looks pretty healthy and the Mrs. loves avocados, so I could probably sell that dish.

At this point I don't know what the weekend has in store for me, but we'll see what the challenge is and I'll try and put something out. Thanks ladies.

Susan said...

yeah !!!! lovin' the theme for next week. Does a Dairy Queen Midnight Truffle
Blizzard count ? XXL of course

Big Shamu said...

After the week you're having Susan, it most definitely does count.

Jenny said...

don't tell your friend Boxer, either.



Big Shamu said...

Don't worry, didn't eat it all.

LaDivaCucina said...

Darlings, SO SORRY I've come late to the party but finally posted my burger blog!

Hope you like it, we did!