Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sugared Cranberries

It's fresh Cranberry season and I'm celebrating. Cranberries, much like brussel sprouts, are an acquired taste. Which is fine, just means more for me but I've got to hustle because cranberry season does not last long.


I like the cranberry's flavor. It's got that bitter tang that adds another level of complexity to a dish or your meal. I'll definitely be making the longtime favorite from Epicurious, Cranberry Sauce with Port and Tangerines .
I've always wanted to try my hand at sugared cranberries. They are so pretty when I've seen them online and sugared fruits of all kind are a great food decorating method.

sugared cranberry1

Turns out it's a very easy process. Make a simple syrup, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water, simmered until the sugar melts. Let it cool just a bit because you don't want your cranberries to burst from the heat and then pour it over a rinsed, well picked bag of cranberries, coating well. Cover and let that sit in the fridge at least 5 hours or overnight. Once the cranberries have finished their simple syrup soak, drain them from the syrup and place the cranberries on cookie sheet, all in one layer and let them sit out for 1 hour. Then roll them, small batches at a time in sugar.

sugared cranberry2

Now the sugar suggestions range all over the map. Some recipes call for superfine sugar like caster, other call for a first rolling in a larger grained sugar, then re-rolling in regular sugar. You'll have to experiment with what you like best. I went with the really fine grained sugar. After which I proceeded to eat copious amounts of cranberry bombs.

sugared cranberry3

Guess what's coming to work as a snack??


froggy said...

Very pretty and festive.
One of the mystery pies was cranberry :-)

Big Shamu said...

Froggy that reminds me I have some pie suggestions to send your way.

froggy said...


MakingSpace said...

That's soooo pretty!!! Question about the different colors?

I still think that first pic looks like a pomegranate...

Big Shamu said...

Ms cranberries are different shades of red depending on ripeness just like other fruit.

MakingSpace said...

Ah - didn't know that!

So were you mobbed at work????

Big Shamu said...

No, remember, acquired taste. Apparently I'm the only one who acquired it.

A Little Yummy For Your Tummy said...

Where and how long I can keep sugared cranberries?

Big Shamu said...

Yummy, I kept mine in the fridge but as to how long they will keep, not sure since I ate them so quickly.