Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be Prepared

I have been known to keep a treat or two in my pockets for my four legged friends that I might run into while going about my daily business. However I was caught completely off guard when leaving my downtown KC workplace the other day.


This would be O'Sullivan and Blaise. I believe that's Officer Mike Mast with O'Sullivan but I didn't get the name of the officer on Blaise. I'll make up for it next time they come walking up the street by having an apple or carrot or two ready for sharing with our hard working police horses.

Are there doughnuts for horses.....?


froggy said...

I loved mixing up molasses in oats and corn for the horses - always considered liking the big wooden spoon. Probably a bit sticky to carry molasses around for your next horse encounter.

froggy said...

Make that *licking* the big wooden spoon.

Big Shamu said...

I better stick with the apples and carrots....unless there's a horse powerbar.

MakingSpace said...


Dani said...

What great looking horses!

Big Shamu said...

All the Mounted Police Patrol horses are donated to the patrol. They are beautiful.

Terry and Linda said...

Apples and carrots...yum.

Horses love apples and carrots.


Big Shamu said...

Linda, carrots are currently stored in the fridge, now if they would only come back.