Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to our dear blog friend in the Great White North, Susan Black of the blog 29 Black Street.

Susan is an artist and graphic designer extraordinaire.

She's a prolific and talented photographer

She also loves good food and knows how to make us all want to come to her house for dinner.

Happy Birthday Susan, please enjoy some NamaimoBars on us.


MakingSpace said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!!!!

Shamy you posted one of my favorites/favourites of Susan's work - that pitcher!

Enjoy your day, Susan - and all your gang!

Big Shamu said...

It is beautiful, is it not?

Dani said...

Happy Birthday Susan!

Susan said...

awwwww - your so good to me Shammy Sham - and yikes I could eat pan of those Nanaimo's (and chase the rider). Please see no carb/no sugar for me currently comment on blueberry pie ;-( - no birthday cake for me ... yet. thank you xo S & les Gang

Big Shamu said...

That's why I gave you digital Nanaimos, digital calories are much easier to deal with.

Happy Birthday Friend.