Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Chicken Noodle Soup by any other Name

How did you do on your guesstimates on Campbell's Chicken Noodle soups? Let's read some labels. Starting with the granddaddy of the condensed soup line, your basic chicken noodle soup.

plain cns

This is the cheapo of the bunch. Usually found on sale, this week it was 65¢ for a 10 3/4 oz can of soup at one of the larger grocery store chains in Kansas City. But yikes, it's full of sodium. For a half cup serving of condensed soup you'll be eating a whopping 890mg of salt. The American Heart Association recommends 1,500 mg a day so if you consumed a whole can of this soup you will have wiped out your sodium intake for the whole day. 65¢ is a cheap lunch but hypertension is not.

less sodium

Our next noodlely entry is the Less Sodium version. Less than what you may ask....and that would be the sodium packed basic version. So instead of 890mg you only get 660mg. Not a whole lot better. You'd also think it would be cheaper since it has less sodium probably because you're a normal adult with lots of common sense. But no, because not only did they take away sodium, they replaced it with fancy smancy sea salt. So there. That's why they feel like they can charge $1.37 a can.


Want "healthier" still? How about the Healthy Request version. It has the same amount of fat and saturated fat as the first one, 5% less cholesterol and even less sodium than the second one (410mg) but still not great. It also goes for a buck thirty seven a can.


Last but certainly not least in price, the Healthy Request, Home Style chicken noodle soup. I haven't a clue what makes it home style. It's still in a can, you still have to add water, and sodium and fat-wise, it's the same as the other Healthy Request. However you will pay $1.75 to discover if it's style is like your home. By the way, each of these four soups have the same amount of calories per serving. 60. Go figure.

These are just four versions of chicken soup with some sort of noodle. There's a whole line of more kid oriented versions, and double noodles but you know what. You can your own soup. I don't think you can make it with the noodles, I suspect they dissolve in the canning process but you can make your own chicken soup to can. Or you can just enjoy Warhol's soup cans.

warhol's soups


froggy said...

At the Ponder Mansion - we keep the noodles separate so as to not denigrate their noodley-ness. Also makes leftovers easier. Low sodium, organic chicken broth (as my daughter says 'from happy free range chickens up until the moment they got their heads cut off). Salt is added by each individual. I get mine in the form of Tabasco sauce :-)

MakingSpace said...

I don't remember the last time I paid as little as a dollar seventy-five for a can of soup. Price of paradise...

I can't even imagine paying 65 cents for a can of ANYTHING. Your cost of living must be insanely low (or mine is insanely high)... I consider myself lucky to get a can of store brand beans on sale at a buck fifty each.

Clearly my blood pressure is more influenced by the price differential than the sodium content...

Big Shamu said...

That Tabasco is good stuff. I need to get me a pressure canner.

Sorry MS but living is cheap here. Not only can you get the brand name for that low, you can also get an even cheaper store brand. But then again, you get paid millions of dollars....right?

Dani said...

That is a whole lot of salt! My body cringes just thinking about it.

Big Shamu said...

Or puffs up with all the water retainage.

Buzz Kill said...

I am always buying low sodium and low sugar everything, because neither is good for you. Our Campbell's prices are about the same as yours, but that's because they're located a stones throw away in Camden NJ. I actually prefer Progresso soups, except we do eat a lot of Campbell's tomato soup in the winter time.

MakingSpace said...

Welcome back, Blogger!