Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All Stars Big Bite

You know it just wouldn't be a true Top Chef All Stars experience without one of Padma's patented Big Bites.

AllStar Big Bite

Goodness Gravy, look at that fork clearance. What do we think, my little TC Crack Monkeys, just how many tennis balls would fit?


Dani said...

I need a Gail fix.

Buzz Kill said...

Tennis Balls? I'd say two. Bwahahaha

The name of this week's episode is "DIM SUM LOSE SUM ". We haven't done one of those in a while.

Also, did you see this story on Sam Talbot

Big Shamu said...

Buzz say two, but whose balls are they?

I wonder if they are giving immunity for this challenge?

Speaking of Dim Sum, look for an announcment Sunday.

Dani said...

YES!!!!!! Elizabeth was just asking about DSS the other day.