Thursday, September 9, 2010


women problem

Does Top Chef have a female problem?


Making Space said...

Not anymore, phhht.


Syd said...

I want Tiffany back. Kelly's voice irritated me, although I admit that she was talented.

Perhaps the guys brought better kneepads this season?

intuitive eggplant said...

In a word, bummed. May or may not watch Finale Pt. 2 while I'm on vacation.

moi said...

It would seem so. I think it was close between Kelly and Angelo, but I think he should have been sent home, if only by a smidgeon. And because, well, to be honest, I don't like him. Now, we have to watch this raw-nerved hot messness sweat and cry through the finale? Oy. Kelly is not only a classier act, she is a much more interesting chef, IMHO, too. Boo.

Buzz Kill said...

I'm not so sure Angelo is not a girl. Looking like you're going to cry during the entire judge's table is real Top Chef material.

I really thought Angelo was (and should have been) gone. Kelly would have made a much better "3rd" cheftestant. It's going to be between Kevin and Ed and I like Ed to win.

Word Verification: crybaby (just kidding)

Making Space said...

I for one am not willing to accept Angelo on the girl team for any reason. The boys can take him back. This is all I'm sayin' about that.

I just watched the episode last night and frankly I liked it. I just didn't think they sent the right chef home. Kelly is really the sort of person I would want for Top Chef. Never loses her cool, focused on her work, always focuses on the food and not the strategizing.

I also object to Kevin's thanking Jesus for not being sent home. snort - Jesus is just alright with... Kevin? Please.

Anyway, I liked the episode and thought it confirmed Shamy's idea about making future seasons more local. I thought that took it out of the wardrobe/makeup/pretentiousness and into the food. Sort of too little too late in this season though.

Boxer said...

I still miss Tiffany. I loved everything about her.

Angelo - I believe they kept him just for the "he's gonna blow!" potential. Might just be what this lackluster season needs. zzzzzzz.

Not digging those cowboy boots, but I always liked Kelly.

Captain Obvious said...


Angelo should have been sent home because you didn't like him


Is there a eye roll icon?

It will be interesting to see


Big Shamu said...

Cap'n, I'm assuming your eyes were rolling around in your head like wheels of a slot machine when so many viewers were hating on Lisa in Season 4. You also didn't touch the question I ask. Does Top Chef have a Woman problem?

moi said...

@Captain Obvious: Yes. There's no crying in Top Chef.

Captain Obvious said...

@ Big Shamu

Yes, my eyes were rolling around in S4 with so many people hating on Lisa. I didn't like her attitude either, but she proved that she deserved to be there with her cooking.

The same thing can be said for any past cheftestant that wasn't popular with the viewers, but had solid cooking skills.

And yes, it's unfortunate that all of the ladies are gone. Tiffany was on a roll and I would have liked to see her in there instead of Kevin, who has been a whiner the entire season. But, since the judges didn't like her food as much as the others, she's gone.


So, somebody with a better dish should go home because of a few shed tears instead of somebody that didn't have a better dish?

I'm guessing if there were a 'celeb' chef competition like TC Masters and it had Marco Pierre White, Rachel Ray, Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee that you'd want Marco gone because you didn't like him even though he could outcook the rest with his eyes closed, right?

moi said...

Goodness, Captain, you have no sense of humor . . .