Sunday, April 19, 2009

DimSum Sunday ~ Spring Vegetables

Java's Sunday Supper
This is a simple pasta dish made with fresh asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, olives, basil, pignoli and shaved Pecorino Romano cheese. It's dressed with a fruity extra virgin olive oil to allow all of the fresh flavors of Spring to shine.

Next week's theme: Build A Better Burger (don't forget the sides)!!


eggplant said...

Looks very tasty, Java. The colorful ribbon pasta is lovely too. I know you are mighty in the kitchen, but am secretly hoping you didn’t make that pasta from scratch. And where did you find those heirloom tomatoes this time of year?

My (unphotographed) spring vegetable treat today was a lunch of roasted asparagus, double smoked bacon, and robiola cheese on toasted sourdough.

On other fronts, I sort of missed Easter and the traditional lamb thing, as I was in Chicago last weekend to see Rent with my sister and niece. Culinary highlight of the trip was at the most fabulous hot dog joint I’ve ever been too – Hot Doug’s – where I had the duck sausage and foie gras dog with truffled mustard sauce. There were so many other specialty and game sausages on the menu that I could kick myself for not trying more, especially after waiting an hour in line ( (Bourdain included Hot Doug’s in his Chicago show, which repeats Monday night, if you want to see photos.)

Happy Spring, and happy DSS, to all!


Susan said...

Hey ! I don't know what's happened to me but it seems to be Dim Sum Shameful. I have missed another week. First tofu, then Easter dinner unless ya want to count my Malteazers Easter eggs and milk chocolate bunny parts and now Pas de Spring Veggies - What's up with that ? I wish I could explain. It would seem I haven't felt much like cooking. But hey don't count me out yet.

That pasta dish looks divine - yum.

I had a small bowl of cookies & cream ice cream for my Sunday dinner (and did briefly consider photographing it). looking forward to hearing the theme for next Sunday I need to get a head start.

LaDivaCucina said...

I love the coloured ribbon pasta! I love the texture of gourmet pasta. Looks dee-lish, JJ!

Wish I had dinner at your house you know how hard it is to cook with a nasty hang-over?! La Diva was at a friend's pool yesterday drinking cheap cask wine in the sun WAY TOO EARLY...!!!

I had plans, BIG PLANS, and managed to just barely get out a barley "risotto" with greens that for the 45 minutes my tired a$$ had to stand at the stove to stir it all resulted in a giant: MEH!

Oh well, there's always next week!!! (although there is no guarantee I won't be hungover again! haha!)

Buzz Kill said...


What a nice Medeterranian Spring Vegetable dish. And it sure doesn't look simple. What kind of pasta did you use because it looks amazing? I've never seen anything like that. Well done.

My dinner doesn't look anywhere near as appetizing. I kept it very basic this week because of the 4:45PM soccer games. I'm up at the Buzzkill. Happy DSS!

Big Shamu said...

What did you use to shave your cheese?