Saturday, February 14, 2009

Annual Interactive Valentine's Day Post

You're planning the most amazing, romantic, sensual
dinner you can possibly imagine for your Valentine...
What does it include?


Aunty Belle said...

oh my! This'll take a bit of cogitatin'....will return!

Happy St. Valentine's Day!!

Netts Nook said...

My lips are watering. Looks so good great picture.

fishy said...

Beautiful image! Happy Saint Valentine's Day...... we're morning Fishies here at the pond so we awoke to a beautiful bouquet of roses and new clothes.
Our Valentine's breakfast menu is:
fresh strawberries and cream
heart shaped real french toast
lean Canadian bacon
candlelit in the dining room on beautiful,heavy , glazed clay dishes.

Sometime this weekend I have promised Blowfish a pile of those spareribs that got him in the hot waters here recently ( visit the Frothy Pond post)

Hope your day will be blessed with much joy :-)

CHEF TROLL said...

Both my valentines are long-gone. One was a horse, of course. About 25 years ago, a girl made me excellent Italian Sausage Lasagne and a salad for Valentine's day. Maybe, if i'm lucky, I'll get to repeat that experience 25 years from now. But she'll prolly have to grind Viagra into the sausage.

moi said...

We've never really celebrated Valentine's Day but we do like to have a nice meal. Last year's consisted of filet mignon, potatoes au gratin, petite French green beans, steamed, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt. Triple layer chocolate cake for dessert – mousse filled, ganache frosted. Champagne.

But Moi's honey bunny is traveling this year, so I'm off to a girlfriend's house for salmon, scrabble and chocolate ice cream.

Aunty Belle said...

Uncle did git on back from the huntin' we's havin:

seared scallops drizzled wif' a citrus, soy, mint glaze served warm on a heart cut out a watermelon round, butter lettuce salad wif' yellow pear tomatoes, fillet mignon, julienned red peppers saute and gorgonzola stuffed baked potatoes,
heart shaped brownie cakes wif' cream cheese & peppermint icing.

The Java Junkie said...

Today is test kitchen day, so we'll be having our actual Valentine's dinner tomorrow. Since Mr. Junkie is a notorious carnivore, I'm grilling (and nothing says love like grilling in the snow) rib-eyes to be served with with chimichurri sauce, salt roasted fingerlings, grilled asparagus with thyme-lemon butter, and a bottle of Malbec. Dessert will be coconut-dulce de leche panna cotta.

pamokc said...

It involves dinner at a local Italian restaurant and I'm not cooking it ....

CharmingDinnerGuest said...

For some reason I had the greatest craving for strawberry shortcake with real homemade whipped cream.
I had 2 big pieces on Saturday and two on Sunday.
Don't know what came over me. I will blame it on some hidden nutritional need along with my recent attitude of "why wait to enjoy?" It was gooood.

LaDivaCucina said...

Java, I think I would like your husband, I am a cavewoman when it comes to meat and your dinner sounds great! We don't celebrate VD as it's so close to my birthday and you KNOW I work that angle! So, we just had the salmon salad for dinner after cleaning the house! The best part was the decadent home made mayo but tell the truth, we both completely forgot about Valentine's Day!!!

PS: LOVE the photo!