Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Gals Go Gadget Gawking

Shamu's find:
Meet the Gastrovac. It's touted as a compact appliance for cooking, frying, and "impregnating in a vacuum", but with a price tag of $5,750.00, it had better freakin' well walk my dogs and do my taxes as well! And that "impregnating in a vacuum" feature? I'm fairly certain that's illegal in my state. (And if it's not then I'm sure it will be soon, along with stem cell research.)

Java's find:
Perhaps the most twisted appliance I’ve ever seen, I present the leather clad "Orgasmatron 3000", a washing machine with "benefits" (note the built in saddle...). The settings, that range from a quick "Oh!" to the le petite mort setting of "Ooooooooooooooh!", will have everyone wondering why you have suddenly become obsessed with getting those whites whiter and colors brighter. Riding crop not included...

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