Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Overhead Shots

Reality TV. When you shoot outside there's a whole lot of real world you can't control. For example:
initial flyby

A Canada Goose does a quick flyby to check out the landing possibilities. Padma seems to be the only one who sees it but since it's still alive and not roasted and stuffed on a plate, she loses interest.

Goose Attack Frame 1

However the goose pulls a U-ey and starts to fly back where Tom and Gail are horrified to see it heading directly at them. Padma has now locked in on the food on the table, not the possible food in the air. Waxman is distracted by a whole lotta pork on a plate.

Goose Attack Frame 2

Gail is now doing the Canadian Two Step out of the flight path of her native country's biggest export to the US. Will Tom save her for Death From Above? Negative! Tom yanks himself from harm's way. Padma is contemplating snatching up the pork while the others are distracted. Waxman is waiting for the pork loin to speak to him.

Goose Attack Frame 3

Finally, once Gail and Tom have slipped from Death's clutches do the others finally realize that the drama going on around them. Mostly Gail's just so happy not to have a goose smack her in the face much like the ham that whacked Paula Deen in the puss not so long ago.

not eating at that table copy

No thank you, no Puerto Rican mixed grill for me.

Picture 4

Bull's Eye!


Sharon Rudd said...

Once again, you've provided us with a "perspective" on Top Chef unlike anyone else, Shamy :)

Dani said...


Buzz Kill said...

Death From Above - bwahahaha

I hate the friggin geese. We just had a local park that killed off 133 geese because they poisoned the lake and every square foot of ground in the park. Protesters showed up the next day and held a candle light vigil for the geese. A VIGIL! They're like packs of dogs that crap everywhere. I'd like to see a goose hunt/kill/roast quickfire challenge.

Dani said...

They held a vigil?! Crazy. They're not even a native species!

Big Shamu said...

Those geese are quite the poop producers. Remember the first season of Top Chef where Hubert Keller threw out the doofus from his kitchen for tasting a sauce and putting the spoon back into the sauce? How much poop splatter does one Canada Goose produce on a chef's table? Sorry Dude, but no thanks on your specially sauced food.

Making Space said...

Ew! and Haha

Goose crap on a chef's apron. It takes a good eye to spot that on camera. Wonder what the editors found and cut out...

Big Shamu said...

I don't know if it actually happened but it looks very very close. It's not like they had sinks with hot water right there to sanitize shit covered items.

Sharon Rudd said...

Andrea's FB page says to look for her red shoes tonight. If anyone can spot 'em, it would be our Shamy. And if spotted, I'm sure many more shoe comments are in our future :)

Enjoy the show tonight!