Sunday, January 10, 2010

L'heure du souper, Canadian Style

I love getting mail. I know it's a dying art, hard copy mail. Luckily I've found someone who enjoys getting packages in the mail as much as I do and her name is Susan Black. Earlier in the year I had sent her some of my favorite hometown seasoning, Old Bay. Apparently her local grocery doesn't carry it. By way of thanks, Susan decided to send me some of the best of Canada has to offer. Love that little Maple Leaf. Susan and I have a little cross border rivalry going on but it's all in good fun. However when it comes to food, we could be sisters. We both love our seafood so it was only natural that I found this in my package. Not only a can of lovely fish but a beautiful card of Susan's own design......along with a recipe for Fish Cakes.But first I had to investigate what the heck this was?
Palmaria palmata or red algae. A great source of protein that you can use in soups, salads or on top of fish cakes. But a word of caution, dulse will burn quicker than pine nuts if you don't watch it carefully when you toast it.
The fish-potato cakes were wonderful especially when served with the Macaroni and Blue Cheese I made with the Dragon's Breath Blue Cheese that Susan also sent. Spiced with Canadian Summer Savory and healthy sprinkle Old Bay the tin of chicken haddie produced a hearty, crispy patty that was more than welcome on a cold winter's afternoon.

Even had time to whip up a little dessert.
A pineapple, banana, cream cheese and nut filled dessert spring roll. Still a work in progress but tasty none the less.


Making Space said...

Wow! God bless the Canadians indeed!

You need to get snowed in more often... that looks fantastic!

Jenny said...

EXTRA Porny today, Pal. Well done.

CAHÄ°DE said...

interesting!images are too large.half do not appear.see you soon...

Dani said...

Susan is such a sweetie!

Dani said...

And the Chili Fruit Sauce is the best thing EVER!

Buzz Kill said...

Canadian fish cakes, take off hosers, eh? I like a good fish cake but, again, it's something the Mrs won't eat.

If I had to send someone a local product from South Jersey, I don't know what that would be. We take from everywhere else.

Deana Sidney said...

Great photo...I have never heard of dulse before... where do you get it!!!!

veggie wedgie said...

I love dulse!

Susan said...

Lovely post mon ami ! and glad you enjoyed the Canadian (hoser & proud of it) culinary package Eh ???? What a lovely repast. Fish cakes, fruit chili sauce, Dragon's Breath Blue cheese & macaroni and I dare say I do see a perfectly fried over easy egg under those darn cakes.

Looking forward to sending the next package ... I know, I know you aren't holding your breath - and good thing that.

So happy that the dulse was novel. Grown ups tried to make us eat it when we were kids and we thought it was nothing but weird, tres salty and gross. But that was then.

Bananas in filo with vanilla ice cream is now a callin' me - merci ! xo S & les Gang

Big Shamu said...

Thanks everybody for the comments, currently going through Jury Duty selection so will comment later on tonight.

Prelim verdict on courthouse cafateria food? Just "eh".

Big Shamu said...

Dani, you're right Susan is sweetie, Eh. I love that chili fruit sauce.

Buzz, what? No Satriale's Pork Store products?

Thanks for visiting LostPast, looks like there's a lot of places online where you can order some.

SNORT, Veggie Wedgie, love your blogger name. How do you culinarily express your dulse love?

Susan, glad you enjoyed it. YES of course that's a fried egg underneath there, you know I loves my eggs. How else do you use dulse?

Private Nutz said...

Shamu! While fish is an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients, I am dismayed at the amount of butter added.

20 push ups. Now!

LaDivaCucina said...

That Susan is one clever kitten! And so artistic too. LOVE the fish and potato cake idea...Is the fish smoked? Mild? Compare to...bacalao?

Chicken haddie? Haddock?

What are you doing with the seaweed?

Very interesting. I like sending/receiving packages and letters too except mine usually come from Australia (or Marco Island Florida!) but the Florida gal never sends food stuff!

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh wait. I tell a lie. She sent me some chocolate pasta!

Big Shamu said...

Wii Bitch is back and she's trying to melt my butter ass.

La Diva, the fish actually reminded me of blue crab claw meat (if that makes any damn sense) a chunky (not flaky) white fish, very mild. Not smoked that I could tell. Yes to the haddock but I love Susan's description.
The seaweed I toasted and sprinkled on my fishcakes. I've also taken to nibbling on it straight from the package which is kinda weird...but the flavor and smell reminds me of the beach so it's a welcome winter diversion.

Aunty Belle said...

First, beautiful photos--why'nt ya a food stylist? Wow.

Next, ah, fish cakes? I know they's healthy but they need a new name. Better PR to the foodie world.

It all looks good, but I doan need ter tell ya that the best ois the pineapple cheese spring roll---oh my heavens!

LaDivaCucina said...

I must be going mad. Second time today my comment didn't post. Shamy, we need to talk. I need some food photo takin' help BIG TIME. What kind of camera do I need?
We are looking to buy a new one. What kind of light? Hubby insists we need better light. What do I have to send you to bribe you to help me? I love my food porn as much as the next person but my photos are sucking more and more.....HELP!!!! I'm serious, if you have any time please email me and I'll send ya some...egg fruit? What? WHAT? : )

(I might be able to snag a hairy armed Latina for you like Argentines?)