Thursday, November 26, 2009

DSS - Thanksgiving - Day 2

So pretty.

My stock pot was hopping all day.

Hmmmm cranberries.
Martha's Wild Rice and Fruit side.

Day Two Dishes:
Stuffing & Dressing
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Relish
Wild Rice & Fruit
Two Huge Pots of Turkey Stock

Dirty Dishes Left to Clean Status:
Not bad.

Karmic Kitchen 2009 Thanks - The day is done and everything that was planned was accomplished.


Dani said...

YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY! Great job Shamy! It all looks great. I'll be up later on today with some more goodies. :)

Big Shamu said...

EXCELLENT! Did you see your potholder?

Dani said...

I did! It gives me a big smile knowing they're being put to good use. :)

Making Space said...

Beautiful! Love the hot pad too.

Buzz Kill said...

That is a cool pot holder. The cranberries look good too. I use to make them but most of the Mrs family won't eat them so I stopped (they prefer canned - shutter).

The turkey has nice color. Did you use a special glaze or just butter or oil?

I can still smell the turkey the Mrs made and took over to her brother's house. Didn't get to taste it or see the final results (she's still pissed at me for getting sick - forcing her to cook turkey for the 1st time). Well, there's always next year.

Big Shamu said...

The cranberries rock, made with ruby port and tangerine juice.
I brined the turkey the night before and just basted it in butter. Also it's shot in that beautiful afternoon light.
Sorry about the no turkey day. Do you guys do turkey for Christmas?