Sunday, March 24, 2013

Deep Shopping

It has been a long winter.  I know officially it's the third day of spring but it's hard for me believe that when we, in the Kansas City area, are facing the third snow storm in the month of March.  Third.  In 24 days.  Makes you ponder.

However it seems I'm not the only one who has been pondering the meaning of life lately.

wafer thin

You gotta love a meat cutter who slips a Monty Python reference into his work.  You rock Meat Cutter Man!


the dogs' mother said...

My younger brother used to stay up late nights to watch Monty Python on our one tv station up north. Then at the breakfast table he would reenact them for the rest of us. I'm glad he missed this one...
(22 degrees here this morning)

Big Shamu said...

I'm not a HUGE Monty Python fan but I certainly recognize cult fans when I see them. Next time I'm in this grocery store I'll be sure to call out NI!

Really sick of snow. Really. Sick.

the dogs' mother said...

And then say, in a whisper, 'Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition' after which you will be escorted from the store.

Susan said...

I don't get it ? Beautiful Bella is a golden shepherd coyote cross ;-) Missy Darn D sends lots of crab scented kisses - so lovely to see your comment my friend xo Susan + gang

MakingSpace said...

Ha! Next time look for a label that says "It's only a flesh wound!"

Question: is there a way to follow your blog by email? I'm getting rid of my Google Reader since they'll be discontinuing it soon (sniffle). Thanks for any info!