Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden Hopes and Dreams 2012

Keeping my fingers crossed that the mild winter does not mean a repeat of last summer's scorching heat.

peas 1

peas 2

I have big hopes for my tender pea tendrils. I loves me some fresh from the garden peas. My brother hates them. That boy just ain't right.


This is an incredibly hardy collard plant that I planted last year and just left alone during the winter. Low and behold, tasty (or really bitter, I'll find out) new leaves. BACK OFF RABBITS!!

Bay Leaf Plant

This is my wonderful bay leaf plant. Needs to be repotted but I love the flavor of fresh bay leaf in my chicken stock.


And LOOK! My rosemary plant if blooming. So pretty. Please wish me gardening luck that everything survives and thrives. Because I'm hungry.


froggy said...

tiny grape tomatoes on the deck - eat them right off the vine - yum!

Big Shamu said...

I'm assuming that would be Tar eating them right off the vine.

MakingSpace said...

Oh so pretty!!!!! Lots of luck and may everything survive and thrive indeed. It's really lovely, Shamsters.

Dani said...

I've got bay tree envy! :) They never grow well for me.
What's your temps been lately?

Big Shamu said...

Thanks for the luck MS. I'm not really a gardener, I just play one on my blog.

Dani (the real gardener) we've swung back into real cool spring weather and away from early summer heat. We may get a frost tonight but that's what thrift store sheets are for - Frost Blankets.

Susan said...

itchin' myself to get going planting seeds & transplants - the Prince has enlarged our gardens . yippeee !

Melissa said...

looking good! got my lettuce, herbs and bell pepper going. I was thinking of trying peas on the pergola....thoughts?

Big Shamu said...

Susan, what does the Itch tell you to plant in the Princely space?

Melissa, this is the first time I've tried peas so my thoughts are to go for it with me. I've got some trellis type material for them to climb up and during this mini cold snap we've been having, kept them covered at night. They've all survived transplanting so I'm already ahead of the game. Will they actually produce edible peas to justify their minor cost? Stay tuned.