Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness

I know it's time for a whole lotta college basketball silliness. Office bracket pools and constant television coverage. FEH!! However there is one bracket I wouldn't mind putting some money down on.

Southern Food March Madness

It's Garden and Gun's Ultimate Southern Food Bracket. You can go to Garden and Gun to vote for yourself. While you're there enjoy a fantastic website for southern food. I'm guessing their hardcopy magazine is just as nice as the website. Will have to look for it in my area. And if you're like me, you'll be googling Frogmore Stew (which is neither froggy or stew-like). Also did they leave any of your Southern favorites out of the bracket?


Photo by Helene Dujardin


froggy said...

*(which is neither froggy or stew-like)*

I loved, loved, loved the food in Louisiana when my folks lived there.

Big Shamu said...

I thought you would appreciate the no frogs harmed consideration, Froggy.

MakingSpace said...

Pimento cheese!!!!! Pause for moment of reverence...

Dani said...

Love the Garden and Gun site! Thanks for putting the link up.