Friday, February 24, 2012

No Harm No Foul??

Does anyone remember this movie? CC and Company? Joe Namath, Ann Margaret? 1970? No? I remember it. I remember it for one thing and only one thing only. This clip.

Pretty funny huh? I especially like the dainty way Joe utilizes a paper napkin. But that's a bad 1970's movie. It shouldn't be real life. And yet....I see more and more people imitating Joe Namath in his seminal role as CC Ryder making a sandwich.

bulk craisins

Take for instance this bulk container of craisins. You and I might think it's bulk display to sell dried cranberries. Other folks look at it as a free range feeding station. Crunchy feely granola-looking girl certainly did. I watched in amazement as this skinny little woman stuck her unwashed paw into the display and grubbed out a handful that she quickly shoved into her mouth. Not one or two craisins but enough to puff out her cheeks like a greedy chipmunk. Still hungry, she grabbed another pawful. She must of felt my gaze because she looked up, saw me staring with my jaw dropped to my chest and skittered safely onto the next aisle. Now unless this chick got weighed on her way into the store and will get weighed again at checkout, bitch just committed petty larceny. This is not some poor soul, stealing bread for their starving family. This is someone who could afford a trendy messenger bag and some kicking boots. So why did she feel entitled to eat food that was obviously not hers? Why did she think I would want to purchase any of the remaining product after she grabbed a handful, ate them from her hand and then grabbed more? I'm trying to imagine just what other nastiness transferred to that big bag of craisins.

This is not the first time I've seen someone boost some breakfast. I was in a grocery store closer to where I live when I overheard two boys snarfing down on Long Johns. You know the oblong chocolate iced donut? The one boy asked other other what he thought of their treat. Apparently his response was a bit hesitant because the first boy shared that they were much better early in the morning when they were fresh. They walked away in the general direction of a woman who I was assuming was one of the boy's mother.

house of thehen donuts

She was busy not paying attention to them. Did they pay for them? Not a clue, they were still shopping when I left but the donut case is near the front of the store so I'm guessing that good old mom failed to mention to the cashier about her son and his friend's little snack. Again we're not talking a ton of money to either the grocery store or to the shopper. But what the hell is this mother teaching her son? Hey, if you don't get caught, it's not a crime? We're not talking a family at the point of starvation. We're talking a grocery store located in a county that counts itself one of the most affluent in the United States.

Is this something I'm just seeing? Is anyone else noticing such petty pilfering in their experiences? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?


froggy said...

Actually I think it is a ton of money - as in shoplifting is a line item in the budget and the cost is passed along to me and you.

Worst thing I've seen in the grocery store - a couple of boys racing disabled shopping carts in the produce section. One of them was my student. You can bet I turned his ass in!

Big Shamu said...

The other incident I witnessed years ago were old retired dudes who apparently meet up and hang out in the grocery store cafe. They would go the bulk candy aisle and snag themselves a little snack. I'm afraid I went a bit postal on one of those dudes. And that's exactly what I said to him. Because you're stealing I have to pay more to cover the cost.

That's pretty ballsy to race disabled carts.

froggy said...

They made one circuit before getting nabbed. Thank goodness they didn't run over a little old lady shopper.

MakingSpace said...

Wow!!!!! OK this makes me reluctant to get stuff from bulk bins now, for the germ factor...

And while I haven't seen much pilfering, I can understand that it might happen, I'm just too busy keeping my kids with me and paying attention to the shopping task to look for it.

It seems like a weird way to steal, really. Like, you'd walk around all day with that on your conscience, ya know? Ew.

Big Shamu said...

Yes the germ factor. Dumbass chick. Apparently their consciences are remarkably light.

MakingSpace said...

This makes farmers' markets even more appealing. The vendor/farmer is RIGHT THERE, and if you want to sample the wares you have to do so under that person's watchful eye.

Note to self: no self-serve bulk bins!!!!