Monday, October 31, 2011

Hit and Miss

Do you have a lot of cookbooks? Does your bookshelf runneth over? What makes you buy a particular cookbook over another? Is it one recipe that catches your eye? Is it the subject matter or focus? Or is it the photography? I recently borrowed a new cookbook from a friend and I'm kinda picking and choosing some recipes to try. The first two didn't go so well. It being October, I thought I'd try making a pumpkin muffin from this cookbook.

little pumpkin

I'm pretty good at following recipes as written. I try and give the author a chance to make the recipe as she or he intended the first time around. This recipe is a basic muffin recipe with a crumb topping. Now I had a choice to use paper liners or just grease the muffin tin. Not having liners, I went with the grease.

pumpkin muffins2

That may have been one of my issues since the crumb topping adhered more to the pan instead of settling into the muffin. However the delicacy of the topping made it nearly impossible to eat all at the same time.

pumpkin muffins

The topping basically came off in one piece. That's no damn fun. Not to mention the muffin itself is pretty dense. Do I try making this recipe again with the liners? Or do I move onto the next recipe in the cookbook and give it one more chance?


froggy said...

Remember the sunken cupcakes I posted? EmergencyBackUpDaughter#2 tried again. Same result... They taste good but look scary. If they taste good try again. If they don't to heck with them!

Big Shamu said...

OK that's one for trying again.

MakingSpace said...

Larger muffin tins?

Dani said...

I'd go ahead and try one more time.

Grumpy Granny said...

Yes, I would try again, maybe with a bigger tin, maybe with liners. I also do my best to follow a recipe closely the first time, then use my intuition after that. If you do it again, pictures, please!


Melissa said...

Sadly, as a shitty baker, your muffins look great! (Hah!) But, I can appreciate YOUR dissapointment...I KNOW you're good. I would say, try one more time...maybe it was the weather?

AND ! I used the Cast iron skillet for the first time today! VERY excited about it...soooo easy!