Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dreaming in the Cold

I'm kinda digging this from Williams Sonoma.  It would make me  feel great to look at that in my kitchen while it was bitter cold and snowing outside.
wall garden

However...not sure it's tall enough to keep the boy from using it as an indoor potty post.


MakingSpace said...

That's intense. Lovelovelove the kitchen behind it.

Dani said...

Nice! I would have the same problem though with the three boys.

Susan said...

Hey YOU (& Action) - Happy darn New Year & all the best for 2013. So nice to see you blogging again & to hear your news of a new and challenging job (I'm not at all surprised that you found employment relatively quickly) a tres smart company they must be to have snapped you up.

LOVE, love that bird shot - amazing !!

loads of love from the Kanucks to the North
Susan, Winnie Dixon, Sam & les Gang

Big Shamu said...

Happy New Year to you Susan. Slowly getting back into blogging.

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