Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kitchen Space

So I was in the mood for some Rosemary Pork ribs. Cut up a mess of ribs.

raw ribs

However I'm having a bit of an issue with the newest member of the Karmic Kitchen.

too close

Seems that somebody doesn't understand exactly where he belongs in the kitchen. Prior canine members understood that loud, scary, clangy things would fall from sky if one got too close to She Who Must Be Obeyed when she was in the kitchen. Unfortunately Action Jackson is not at all flustered by banging pots and pans.


He does pout like no other dog I've known when I relocate him to a safe zone, little bastid. Actually that's his indoor face, he's so laid back. However when we're outside....


...he's all about getting one of these into his jaws. We are the squirrel stalking fools. I think he's part cat because any moment he's going to try climbing a tree.


Coming soon....squirrel jerky!


the dogs' mother said...

Abby hopes to find one in her Christmas stocking.

Big Shamu said...

I'm pretty sure Abby can shoot flames out of her eyes and fry the squirrels right out of the trees.

MakingSpace said...

He pouts like a golden retriever. That faaaaaace... so adorable.

So what happened to the ribs?

Big Shamu said...

She Who Must Be Obeyed ate every last speck of those ribs.

MakingSpace said...

SWMBO is in charge. Yeah.

Susan said...

Samuel Leon Berger (affectionately known as hunred' lbs) loves to spread out on the floor while I'm cooking so that both the stove & the fridge are difficult for me to access. Sigh xo

that darn Jackson is a tres lucky dog.
much love les Gang

MakingSpace said...

I just showed this post to the girls and the first thing they both said was that his facial expression in the first two photos looks just like Goldie. Then when they saw the last pic they both hollered "SQUIRREL!!" LOL

Dani said...

Jackson needs to come and help Jiggy with his squirrel missions.

Syd said...

He's so pretty!

I hate when my dogs get under my feet in the kitchen. We are babysitting this weekend, so there are 7...yes SEVEN...dogs in this house right now. God help me.

Big Shamu said...

Oh, nonononono. Banishment from the kitchen would be the result.

chickory said...

great shot of him looking at the squirrel!