Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Cheese Does Not Stand Alone

It is a happy time. Happy because it's not snowing, the temperatures are above fifty and I can walk around my neighborhood without fear of falling and fracturing a bone or two due to icy precipatation. However that was never really a bonified fear since years of sitting on my ample ass in front of a computer has given me enough cushion to ward off any serious injury from slip and falls. Still having reached the half century mark amongst the living, I still enjoy a walkabout around the paved pathways that intertwine around the village of Prairie. For one thing, my neighbors are much better gardeners than I am. I drag my camera along to copy their successes in the hopes of planting their inspirations.



The walk isn't just about the floral bounties. It's about exercise and rewards. It's getting out of the house and back into the world. You can't bring back the dead by ignoring the living. So I walk. Although for me, there's still got to be a purpose. Hence the destination.

better cheddar sign

The Better Cheddar is a just a smidge over a mile from my front door on foot. Is anyone surprised that I set up a domicile a 30 minutes' walk from a well stocked cheese shop that gives out liberal samples of all their cheeses? We won't even talk about all the other goodies they carry. The only thing that would make it a perfect foodie treasure trove is if they sold blue crabs by the bushel out back.


But since they don't I'll have to settle for a cold bottle of Cheerwine soda. There's just something about drinking a cold soda out of a glass bottle on a hot summer's day that's extremely satisfying. Lately the sample I've been hitting on the most is this delicious Iowa cheddar. It's the kind of cheese that makes you want to run home for your cookbooks and recipes. Mac and cheese would sing, eat it out of hand with a crisp pear or maybe a souffle if you've got the time and patience.

prairie breeze cheddar

Yes, some of that found it's way into my messenger bag for the trip home. Luckily Oreo only wanted a belly rub from me and not a little nibble on my cheese. No time, Oreo, got to get home and fire up the stove.

oreo kitty

I decided on something I could snack on while at work. Cheese straws. Virginia Willis' Cheese Straws to be exact.

cheese straws1

Rewards. Hard work, exercise and fresh air deserve rewards. Simple cheese straws works for me.


the dogs' mother said...

Doing my very best Wallace and Gromit impression!! (Mine brother does it better...)

MakingSpace said...


Noting here that you have named a cat and also considered patting it. Hmm...

Love the old-timey feel of the place, and the photos. The flowers are gorgeous, gardening neighbors, BONUS.


Big Shamu said...

Wallace and Gromit do love their cheese.

I did not name the cat, that's his name. He only decided to approach me now that I walk alone. He's extremely friendly.

Cheerwine Rocks!

MakingSpace said...

Nice, the cat. Recognizes someone who likes critters.


Sharon Rudd said...

Good to see you back, Shamy. And you know I'm a sister cheese lover. All best to you and the rest of your menagerie.

Dani said...

That would get me up and out of the house too. :)

Buzz Kill said...

Glad to see you're back and cutting the cheese. I actually have one of those caulk gun cookie presses, so I might give the cheese straws a whirl - after graduations are done.

Big Shamu said...

You know Buzz I had one as a kid and compared to the the whiz bang one I have now I'd be much more inclined to make funky shaped cookies and crackers. I'm sure a lot more men would cook if more kitchen utensils were like home repair tools.

Dani, from what I see of folks back yard gardens, you're still the Queen. I have yet to spot any illegal chickens yet.

Eggy, yowza, the Dakotas?? Has the snow even melted there yet?

virginia willis said...

YAY! I love your pictures and your renditions of my recipes. I was having a little bit of a struggle today and that's just the smile I needed. Thank you, so much.
Best VA

Big Shamu said...

Why Sistagrrrl, any time I can help out, you know where to find me. Still waiting on that Lapin Normandie recipe because I've got Lapin running wild.

Dani said...

I'm so glad you introduced us to Virginia. Love her recipes!

Tracy said...

Thanks! Beautiful pictures!

Anthony said...

For good recipes, check out Four Green Steps website!!!