Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Around the World in Thirty Minutes

For the Elimination Challenge Padma wants you to feed her the World.

This was a interesting challenge to throw at the chefs. It could have been much harder. No Middle Eastern countries were chosen, African and Russia were left on the board. They didn't even include what some consider the third great cuisine, Turkish food. Look at those nine countries. Chefs who are laying claim to the title of Top Chef should have no issue what so ever making Padma and her guests happy.

Who's not happy?

It seems that Kenny is a bit confused as to why he keeps ending up in the middle. He seems to think that being a good guy and having a hard knock life somehow should figure into the judging of his food. I hate to break it to the guy but Top Chef has seen a lot of pompous assholes make it to the finals. Being nice has nothing to do with it. Putting well seasoned, good food on the plate every time you're asked has everything to do with it. I hope we're not seeing the beginning of the cracks that the pressure brings. I hope Kenny gets out of his own head and just cooks. We'll see.

Now onto someone who is on a roll...

Tiffany. Winner of the Quickfire and now in the No. 1 spot to pick the country of her choice. Being a good ole Texas gal, she yanks Mexico off the board. Gotta go with what you know. Because not only are they cooking foreign food they will also only be reheating food over sterno. No day of cooking at the serving site. Who thinks it through and decides to go with a cold dish?

Who is trying to get auffed by using the canned beans despised by Chef Tom?

That's right, it's THIS guy.

Hey? Since when do Chefs get care packages?

Hey? Since when is it legal to send liquor through the postal system?

Now it's time to taste the world according to our chefs.

Excellent guest judge choice. Jose has quite a few restaurants in the DC Metro area and lives in Bethesda, Maryland. Plus he's good TV.

Which one would you choose first? I know, based these pictures and what I like, it would have been Japan's offering but it seems a bit tame especially since Angelo was the chef. The winner?

Tiffany makes a clean sweep of both the Quickfire and the Elimination Rounds and wins $10,000 for herself and $10,000 for José Andrés's charity. Now I'm worried that she'll be auffed next week. As for the chef who finally ends up in the Condo of Shame?
Man, that was way overdue.


Making Space said...


I'm pulling for a Tiffany/Kelly final. Nevermind y'all already know who got auffed tonight.

Sharon Rudd said...

I'm a little surprised/disappointed in tonight's outcome. Or is it that I'm just not wowed by anyone to feel there's a stand-out chef to root for?

btw, a little shout-out to you and moi on my blog :)

Dani said...

Mexican food will always win in my book.