Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Whole New Way of Cooking


As a viewer of Top Chef, I'm always trying to figure out what it is the message they are trying to convey, the lesson they are trying to teach. What I've discovered is that Top Chef is morphing into a....
Culinary Clown College

...Culinary Clown College!! How else to explain the ridiculousness of the Quickfire? Where in real life is anyone going to cook like Siamese Twins? I'm not saying all the Quickfires have been firmly rooted in reality but at least they had a toenail hold. This was just a reality show ploy that was neither amusing nor produced any really interesting food. And please, the forced bi-partisanship banter from the guest judge? You got no spin skilz, ace. You got bamboozled into bad copy. Don't look for much of a Q Score Bump.

On the bright side nobody had to touch the dreaded Dread.


Sharon Rudd said...

Another recycled challenge idea - cooking with one hand tied behind your back. The thing you can never predict, though, is when a seemingly lame idea will produce interesting or memorable food. If not, the challenge seems stupid. But when the contestants rise above a goofy idea to offer up creative and compelling dishes, we're glad to see them stretch, and eager to get their dish into our own repertoire.

Nonetheless, I fear there will be more political references and bad puns re: same in this TC/DC season. I'm trying to avoid the cranky pants this early in the season and remember that it's summertime shorts weather :)

Big Shamu said...

You know what Eggy, I can see the one hand tied behind the back scenerio because there are folks who get injured and still want to work or only have one hand. There's just no reality based situation where two chefs are tied together like some freakin' potato sack race. Do we doubt that Angelo made a sandwich that he's made a hundred times before?

I'm putting the cranky pants away for the second half of this episode. I make no promises about the rest of the season.

Syd said...

I'm with you two ornery biatches. This was stupid. And just innovative did they think the chefs were going to be? They were making god damn sandwiches!

Milk River Madman said...

Reading these three comments made me smile ear to ear this morning. I agree with all of you and remind me to tread lightly lest I be smoted down. I don't like to get beat up by a girl, even with words.

Big Shamu said...

You know Milkman, I should put a warning up: Danger! Nest of Sassy Opinionated Women Ahead.

Don't worry, I think you'll find us agreeing more often than not with you than against you.

Milk River Madman said...

A story for you Shamu

I had a woman in my office one day who I purchased radio advertising from for the company I work for. A wonderful lady named Kay about 10-12 years older than me. This was about that long ago. She was very direct in her sales approach. And had replaced a lady my own age who I got along with tremendously well. I listened one afternoon to about 4 different options. "Well, which one do you want Chip?" I must have had a deer in the headlight look because she said to me "Chip, do I intimidate you?" Without a moments hesitation I responded "Kay, I'm only intimidated by women I'm sleeping with."

She didn't know what to do until I started laughing my ass off. We got along great after that. The same applies here at KK. Love the gals. A lot. With that, I will leave all of you for the weekend and to my home town to see my mom. My favorite gal.

Big Shamu said...

Great story Milkman. Have a good time with your mom, tell her she did a good job raising up her boy...with a little help from the Nuns.