Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Making of a Master

There a lot of things I've loved about the regular series Top Chef, top of the list being the love of food ususally in the end wins out over the drama. Top Chef Masters took my love to a higher level with their approach to the finale. Show us your life long love affair with food. $1300 to create 4 dishes for 13 guests.

First let's look at the GoodBringing in each chef's personal Sous chefs. A really nice touch and a vast difference from bringing back angry past contestants that early Top Chef provided for their finalists.

Talisman Look at the glee on this man's face. This is a man who loves his truffles. French truffles. While Rick's heart might be in Mexican food his mortar and pestle certainly reveals his other touchstones.Michael brings the most basic element of his family vineyard to his final dishes, cuttings from the vines. You can just see the blood, sweat and tears in the very fiber of those cuttings.

Flirting. So many reality shows try to overpower us with the drama but forget to balance that out with the lighter side of life. Show us the fun, people, you're getting paid to eat the most amazing food and hopefully get to enjoy the companionship of interesting people. Watching Gail and Jay flirt just a bit was fun and cute.

Coming - The Bad


LaDivaCucina said...

Haha! I liked this post and it was good to see the TCMaster's sous chef's coming to the rescue. And yes, the flirtation was cute, everyone lighten up a bit! (That church lady still would not give MC a break! I think he loved saying cruelly one final time: 3 and a half stars.)

You should do a post about the four things that inspired the chefs, what were they? I'm trying to remember but was so sleepy when I was watching!

Looking forward to the Bad and the Ugly! Bwwwhaahahahaaa!!!

Big Shamu said...

I really like Jay Raynor as a judge, he seems very at ease on camera. I much prefer him to the doofus Toby.

LaDivaCucina said...